Sunday Service at 11:30 am

4204 Hermitage Rd, Richmond, VA 23227

What We Believe

Summary of Our Christian Faith

We believe:

Who are We?

We are a multi-cultural group of people who are passionately learning to live loved in the Father's embrace. What this means is that we heartily believe that God exists as the Trinity. God is not a singular being all alone in heaven. God exists in union as Father, Son, and Spirit. Jesus Christ is the Father's eternal Son and nearly 2000 years ago the Son became human and dwelt among us.

We believe that the witness of the Bible is that Triune God brought us into being for the sole purpose of sharing the life and love that the Father and the Son share in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. That just means basically that God is like a family filled with love, acceptance, sharing, giving, laughing, nurturing, caring, and dancing and that we were created to share all that with each other and with God.

We believe that in the person of Jesus Christ the human race has been reconciled to the Father and is utterly loved and adored. It is our goal at Richmond Grace Fellowship to learn to live in the freedom of that love. Jesus set us free for freedom's sake and we are learning to live in the freedom of His love!

Come find out what it means to learn to live loved in the Father's embrace!

Other Resources

For an in-depth discussion of our statement of beliefs, please visit our Denominational Headquarters, Grace Communion International's, website